Thursday, September 19, 2013

Updated info on the Xbox One and PS4 - both are coming soon!

Some good news about the Xbox One.  Microsoft has listened!
According to, there was  such a reaction to some of the proposed features that they have been scrapped: "The forthcoming Xbox One got a bit of a kicking when it was first announced, landing itself in hot water with unpopular features including a mandated 24-hour online check-in and restrictions on the used games market.

However, in light of the reaction from disgruntled gamers, these features have been scrapped, pulling the Xbox One out of its initial positivity drought.
And so the re-specc'd Xbox One console will go on sale in November this year and has a price of $499 in the US, £429 in the UK and $599 in Australia." reports:  "Microsoft Corp.  said it will expand its TV programming beyond the show based on its best-selling “Halo” game as it tries to position the new Xbox One console as a portal for games, videos and music.  Xbox One is an attempt to merge TV watching with video game playing as Microsoft teams with partners including the National Football League to offer features such as viewing highlights and game scores. To underscore that broader approach, Microsoft is producing a live-action “Halo” show, in which director Steven Spielberg will be involved, and has a production team in Los Angeles developing concepts."
PS4 report from Tokyo: Impressive!
Techradar says:  "The PlayStation 4 will go on sale in November this year and it'll be cheaper than the Xbox One - $399 in the U.S., £349 in the U.K. and €399 - compared to $499 and £429.
It'll hit stores in the US on November 15 while European gamers will have to wait just a little longer until November 29.
Gaining favourable previews and plenty of pre-orders, the PS4 looks like the next-gen console to beat, and Sony says it was designed with an overarching theme of a "frictionless and seamless" gaming experience.
We've known that the PS4 will track both the controller in a gamer's hand, as well as their face, since the console's launch in February. But during his GDC talk Norden revealed some interesting ways that this technology will be implemented in games.
For example, the old multiplayer split screen, divvying up television real estate when two or more players go at it, will be aided by this tracking tech. If a gamer gets up and moves right or left, his section of the screen will automatically be swapped."

An AFP article courtesy of asked an attendee for his impression of the new Sony console:  "Etienne Fouillade, 21, who flew to Tokyo from Paris specially for the game show, gave the PlayStation 4 (PS4) a qualified thumbs up.

"I'm impressed at the graphics, the new titles are great and I'm looking forward to sharing gaming with friends and strangers on the net," he told AFP.
"The new game console is a little bit disappointing, though, because you need to get used to a slight difference in controls from older ones."
The same article notes that the home-grown PS4 hits shelves in North America in November, in time for the holiday shopping season, but will not be available to Japanese buyers until February.
Sony announced the roll-out earlier this month, seven years after PlayStation 3 debuted. It will be the first time the company's home market will not take the lead.
Company bosses said Japanese developers had been slower to exploit the potential of the new console and Sony wanted to wait until the software was ready before unleashing their latest offering.
For the original PlayStation, 18.6 percent of global sales were in Japan. Its successor, the PlayStation 2, tallied 14.7 percent of sales at home, while the PS3 racked up 11.9 percent, according to data from VGChartz Network.
North America, by comparison, accounted for about one-third of all PlayStation sales.
So we have to wait until November to actually get our hands on the new systems, but keep checking this blog for updates as the sneak peeks and screen shots leak out to the web (as they always do)  And of course, as soon as we can, we will develop great looking new skins for both new systems, (and the controllers, too, they need protection from skin oils and grime).   Keep checking for the latest info, and the newest skin designs.

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