Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring is here! Freshen up your iPad!

It's that time of year, when we clean our houses and apartments, garages and storage units, cars and closets. We scrub, wash, paint and mow. We wash, wax and vacuum.

Don't forget to include your electronics in the spring cleaning process. Update your anti-virus software, get a new ringtone, and most importantly, upgrade the appearance of your electronics with a brand-new vinyl skin. If you already have a skin installed on your laptop, Kindle or iPhone, upgrade to a brand new visual!

If you don't have a skin on your favorite electronics, browse our selection - you will be amazed at the beautiful designs available, and the devices that can have a skin installed! We make skins for Kindle 2 and Kindle 3, Nook, iPad and iPad2, iPhones 2, 3, 4; all iPods, and DS Lites. We make skins for Xbox 360, Xbox 360 Slim, PS3, PS3 Slim, and Wii. We make skins for Guitar Hero guitars, Blackberry Curve and Torch, and iTouch. We make skins for every laptop on the planet - just give us the measurements of your case, and we can make a laptop skin just for you! We have laptop skins for Dell Mini 9 and 10, HP MIni, and Macbooks! Chances are, we have a great looking skin available for a device you already own.

Order before May 1, 2011, and you will receive 15% off of your order. That's right, 15% off your total order, as long as you order before May 1st and use the coupon code. Order one item or 5, get 15% off your order. Use the coupon code SPRING when you order online and you will get a 15% discount. Our flat rate shipping applies to any quantity of items, too.

Our premium quality vinyl skins add protection and style with one easy step. Protect your precious electronics from scratches and dings. Dress up an older model, or protect your brand new iPad. We digitally print, laminate for extra protection, then computer cut for a perfect fit! Our customer service is legendary, too. We answer customer questions by phone, live help! or email.

Order a great skin for spring today, add style to your everyday life! Order for SPRING

Sunday, April 10, 2011

iPad skins make great Mother's Day gifts!

Everyone loves their mother, and Mom loves her iPad. Whether Mom has an original iPad, or the new iPad 2, she deserves a beautiful, decorative vinyl skin for her favorite new device. Your mother loves to have stylish touches around her. She probably has a phone skin or case, her purse looks good, so help add more beauty to her life - give her an iPad skin for Mother's Day.

A vinyl iPad skin adds a protective layer to the outside of the iPad, and our high quality digitally printed images add a wonderful decorative element as well. Browse our selection - we offer photo quality tropical scenes, abstract designs, images from classic artists, even floral designs! Our skins are designed to fit the iPad or the brand new iPad 2, you choose the model Mom has when you order the skin.

We manufacture skins for many electronics devices - including: iPad skins, iPad 2 skins, laptop skins, Blackberry Curve and Torch skins, iPhone skins, iPod skins, Nintendo DS Lite skins, Xbox 360 skins, Xbox Slim skins, PS 3 skins, PS Slim skins, and may, many others! With our flat rate shipping, you can order a skin as a gift for Mom, and add one for you, too. For example, you can order yourself a laptop skin and an iPad skin for Mom and pay the same flat rate shipping fee.

A skin helps to protect the quality of this legendary Apple product - let scratches happen to the skin, not the iPad case! We are sure to have an image that will please every Mom. iPad skins are easy to install, too. All of our skins are printed on the best vinyl available, which means it has repositionable adhesive to help make the installation process easier.

Why should you buy from us? Because we still believe in personal service - our customer serivce is available by phone, live help, or email. We can help you find the perfect skin, or answer questions. Our many happy customers refer us to their friends!

Our process starts with printing a high-quality image, digitally printed with depth and vibrant colors. Then we laminate, to add toughness and protection. We computer cut for a perfect fit, then ship it directly to your door.

We believe our customers deserve the best shipping for the best price, so we always use the U.S. Post Office. Most U.S. customers will receive their product 5 - 7 days after ordering. And our flat rate shipping helps keep your Mother's Day gift costs down. We are watching our pennies and we know our customers are too. Why pay retail? Buy from us, and pay wholesale prices instead! Our product quality and customer service remain at a high level, so you can buy with confidence.

Order your Mom an iPad skin today and she, and her iPad, will thank you!