Monday, October 8, 2012

Autumn is here - time to buy a new laptop skin from!

In autumn, we clean and tidy our desks and offices, throw out the old and freshen everything up. Don't forget to freshen up your laptop or iPad, too - get a new skin with a great new design to continue to protect your portable devices! Change your laptop skin when you change to your autumn clothes- your laptop goes everywhere with you, so it should reflect your personality and image, too.

An extra layer of protection

Plus, a portable device needs a skin - being taken everywhere means your iPad is exposed to being bumped, dinged, and scratched, but an iPad skin can help protect it. The skin itself is manufactured from a premium, tough vinyl material, and with the extra layer of laminate to keep the image fresh, it adds further protection to the outside. If you already have a laptop skin or iPad skin you know how many scratches your device could have had on it without a skin to protect it. If you don't, you will be convinced. Plus, the design you choose will add interest and style, and make your iPad or laptop easy to find! Personalization and protection, in one easy step.

Easy to remove with no gooey mess

The high quality vinyl we print on is made with a patented adhesive that removes leaving no sticky, gooey residue behind. This means if you are selling or trading in your iPad, you will get a higher price for it - it will look like new with the skin removed. It also means that when you want to change laptop skins to put a new fresh image on your laptop, it is easy to do with no special tools or adhesive removers required. The most you would need would be a soft cloth and some ordinary household rubbing alcohol, or in most cases - soapy water. Easy installation and easy removal - what a great product!

Easy to order from our website

At, we try to make everything as easy and stress-free as possible. If you have a question about one of our products, visit the website. You can contact us by phone, livehelp! or email, we are always happy to assist our customers. Ordering and paying are easy, too; we accept Paypal or Google Checkout, which will make your life a little less complicated.

Browse through our images and you will be amazed by the vibrant colors, eye-catching abstracts, images from anime and sci-fi, popular culture and humor, landscapes and nature! Our digital printing process ensures a beautiful reproduction every time.

Because we provide flat rate shipping, you can combine several different products into one order to save money on shipping fees. Gift giving is easy - just visit our website. We ship via US Postal Service, which means easy delivery and lower costs to you. The Post Office goes almost everywhere, unlike commercial carriers. Order today and see how easy, quick and convenient it is!

Order your new laptop skin.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Laptop Skins and iPad Skins for crazy low prices!

Laptop Skins for only $6? Yes! iPad skins as low as $13.99? Yes, at where we believe quality products should be affordable for everyone.


Laptop skins and iPad skins should be affordable, so everyone can update their look as often as they want! We at have always believed that we can offer great designs, the best possible materials and perfectly fitting skins at low prices.

Check out our beautiful designs - laptop skins should be eye-catching and unique, and ours fit the bill. We have gorgeous abstract designs, wonderful landscapes, images inspired by sci-fi and anime, popular culture and more!

iPad skins should be designed perfectly, and ours do! If you have an original iPad or iPad2 or 3, our computer guided cutters always deliver a great fit. Our iPad designs are great too, with many unique items not available anywhere else.

All of our skins, whether for a netbook or tablet, e-reader, phone or gaming system, start with an image that is digitally printed on top quality vinyl. Our skins are easy to install, and remove with no mess left behind, so you can change out designs as easily as you want to. We laminate our beautiful images for lasting beauty with no fading or color loss, computer cut for a perfect fit and ship right to your door.

Gift giving is easy, too - buy multiple items for the same low flat rate shipping charge.


Notebook and laptop computers are still the standard computers at school and college, office space and coffee house. Traveling around can add unsightly scratches, dings and gouges to your laptop - protect it with a skin. Portability is great, but every time you stow it away in a case, satchel or backpack you risk damage. A skin adds a thin layer of beauty that also protects against bumps and dings.

iPads are becoming more common, but with the high initial cost, it is even more crucial to protect your tablet. Even if you use a case or stand, a skin will still be a visible layer of protection that will make your iPad readily identifiable as yours!


Because we are still the friendliest company around - we answer phones and emails promptly, we offer livehelp! for immediate assistance and our low prices and quality are hard to beat!

We offer convenient checkout options, Paypal or Google Checkout, and low flat rate shipping to save you even more money. Order more than one item and we will combine them into one package, saving you multiple fees.

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