Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Kindle Fire and $79 Kindle will need Kindle skins!

Amazon announced brand new models today - the Kindle Fire, and the $79 Kindle. The new low price means everyone can now afford a Kindle, there is no reason not to have your own Kindle for school or work. Even if you just read for pleasure, it is so easy to carry around hundreds of books, newspapers and magazines with the lightweight Kindle, why wouldn't you want one?

Kindle's E-Ink display is as easy to read as a book or newspaper, the crisp clarity is even perfectly visible in the brightest sunlight! The hardest decision is which model to have, and how many books to add to your Kindle through Amazon. Your local library probably provides Overdrive service as well, so you can check books out with your library card and deliver them to your Kindle! The new Kindle Fire is a great alternative to a high-priced tablet - with so many Android apps available, and the Kindle store too, it is sure to be a hit!

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple are always developing and releasing new products; every time they add a new model, the demand for lightly used examples of the previous version goes up. The easiest way to keep your iPad, Nook or Kindle in salable condition is to add a stylish skin to ward off scratches and dings.

Modern technology means our skins are as easy to remove as they are to apply, so you can change designs to suit your mood or the season, and when you wish to trade up to the latest model, make your Kindle or Nook look pristine and brand new again by removing the skin.

With the holidays coming up, Kindles make the perfect gift - and you can make your gift even more special by ordering a skin for the new Kindles as well. A customized gift for under $100? Yes, with the new $79 Kindle and a Kindle skin! Browse through our current great selections, and rest assured the newest model Kindles and Kindle Fire skins will be available as soon as possible.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Match your iPad to our colorful world - buy an iPad skin today!

We stopped watching black and white movies and TV a long time ago, so why have a blah looking granite, charcoal, white or black case, when you could add some personal style to your favorite portable device?

Manufacturers like Apple, Amazon and Samsung are great at designing their tablets and e-readers to function well, but they need a little help making their devices look good! Boring monochrome is out, and stylish color is in!

A Kindle skin or Nook skin does more than add decoration to your e-reader, it helps protect the case against scratches and dings, too. Your iPad or Galaxy Tab deserves to look good, too; and our skins install and remove so easily that you can change skins as often as you wish to keep your look fresh.

We feature a variety of designs, too. Choose from photo realism, landscapes, abstracts and more! Our iPad skins also have wallpaper available, so your home screen can match your skin for a seamless effect.

When you have an iPad or Android tablet, you take it everywhere with you, it is an essential device you use all day long. Taking it in and out of briefcases, backpacks, bags and satchels can damage the back and bezel very quickly if you aren't super careful. When you add a decorative skin, you don't have to worry about scratches. Even if you use an easel-type case or keyboard stand, a skin will continue to protect against bumps and dings.

Any portable device can benefit from the style and protection a skin adds - and if you want to upgrade to the latest model, resale will be a lot easier with an unblemished, as-new appearance.

Our skins make perfect gifts, too. When you give a friend a Kindle skin, or your significant other an iPad skin, they know you care enough to help keep their device looking good. Mom would love a decorative Nook skin, and Dad's Blackberry Playbook skin will add some color to his workday! Your Galaxy Tab skin should reflect your sense of style, and your best friend needs an Asus Transformer skin to keep her classwork from being mundane.

Have a question? We are available by email, phone or livehelp! We always strive to please our customers, and our quality standards for all of our products ensure that our colorful skins arrive in perfect condition.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Reading a good book on your Kindle or Nook? You need a skin, too!

Autumn is here, the air is cooling, and it gets dark earlier and earlier every day. When the nights draw in, you naturally turn to great indoor activities, such as reading a new book by your favorite author.

Many people have now discovered how easy it is to buy books, newspapers and magazines on an e-reader such as a Kindle, Nook or iPad. Many textbooks are now available for these devices, too; some schools are now issuing Kindles or iPads to students.

Why should you install a Kindle skin? Do you need a Nook skin? What use is an iPad skin? What if you already have a case? The answer to all these questions is easy - you still need a skin, because it protects against scratches. You may not want to always use your case, and in removing or replacing your e-reader, you could cause scratches on the outside of your Kindle! Even iPads benefit from a skin, especially because it protects around the edge of the screen (the bezel). Why get fingermarks and skin oils all over your favorite reading device? Why let your Kindle or Nook get all scratched up? Maybe you will want to trade up to a newer model, your old model will still have value, UNLESS it is all scratched and dinged up.

We have skins available for all the latest models too. Whatever model iPad, Kindle or Nook you have, we can provide a great looking skin for it.

Modern technology has made these skins so easy to install and remove, you can change designs frequently if you want to, or simply rest assured that when you are ready to trade up, you can easily remove your iPad skin, and it will look brand new!

Shop our store today and see all the great designs available for your e-reader. We add new styles all the time, so you can have a fresh look anytime! Combine multiple skins in one order to take advantage of our flat rate shipping.

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