Friday, December 9, 2011

Nintendo 3DS skins now offered at

The Nintendo 3DS is one of the most interesting hand held videogame systems available, with glasses-free 3D gaming, an analog stick, online game store, a vibrant screen, Netflix & Hulu Plus support. Add in the great games available, and it is sure to be one of the hottest selling game systems of the 2011 holiday season.

Of course, we feel no system should be without a protective skin. Any portable device is liable to get scratched, bumped and dinged, and you can minimize the damage by installing one of our gorgeous protective skins! Our Nintendo 3Ds skins start with a great image digitally printed to maintain the depth, clarity and vivid colors of the design, then we laminate for added protection, use our computer-guided cutter to ensure a perfect fit, and ship right to your door. A Nintendo 3DS skin also adds individuality and character to your gaming system, make yours stand out in the crowd!

Gift giving doesn't have to be expensive at as our slogan "Why Pay Retail?" tells you. NIntendo 3Ds skins start at only $9.99, and our flat rate shipping means you can order multiple gifts in the same order. Add a laptop skin for Mom, a Blackberry skin for Dad, sister needs a Kindle skin, and your iPhone skin needs to be updated. Order as many skins as you need and pay one low flat rate shipping fee.

Our skins are easy to install, and just as easy to remove when you want to change designs. The latest vinyl materials include a patented repositionable adhesive that removes without leaving a sticky mess, so you can update your laptop skin, Xbox 360 skin, Wii skin, iPad skin or Nintendo 3Ds skin easily.

We guide you through the installation process, too; check out our videos to see how easy it is to install any of our skins - you can watch right from the website or enter videogameskins at You Tube.

Our customer service is second to none - reach us through email, livehelp! or phone with any questions about our products or your order.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday low prices every day at

Our prices are low all the time. Why pay retail? Why wait for one shopping day? has low prices on many items, and our flat rate shipping saves you money, too. Laptop skins start at $6, iPad skins $13.99, Kindle 3 skins $6.

Here at, we believe great quality doesn't have to be expensive! All of our skins start with vivid, digitally printed images, we laminate for extra protection, computer cut for a perfect fit, and ship right to your door.

Our laptop skins are available for as low as $6, and our flat rate shipping means you save even more money. Browse our collection, and choose a design you like. Our instructions tell you how to measure your laptop lid to get a perfectly fitting, custom laptop skin.

We also make great looking skins for Kindles, skins for iPads, many game systems and phones, too! Browse our website, and you will be amazed at the variety of skins available. We love how easy it is to install skins on devices, and it is just as easy to remove them, too, So you can change designs with the season, if you wish, or change just to keep your iPad looking fresh!

We are proud of our quality, and just as proud of our great customer service. You can reach us by email, livehelp! or phone call. Check our Facbeook page and Twitter feed for updates and special deals! If you are hearing us about is for the first time, remember to use the new customer coupon code to get 10% off your order. If you're a repeat customer, thank you. You already know how we care about our customers, and we deliver a great product that you will be proud to show to all your friends.

Shop the website and choose a landscape, animal or abstract design. Maybe you prefer patterns or carbon fiber? We have so many high-quality digital images available, it's hard to describe them all.

We make installation easy, too, with You Tube videos to walk you through the process step by step. All skins install basically the same way - clean the device first, gently position the skin on one end first, don't smooth down until you have it right where you want it. Then gently smooth the skin on, press all the air bubbles out, and enjoy! Everyone will admire your new laptop or Kindle skin, and so will you.

So why wait for Black Friday? Shop now forlow prices year round

Monday, November 14, 2011

Laptop skins make great gifts!

Videogame-skins,com has gifts for every occasion - help protect and decorate Dad's laptop, or buy a Nook skin for Aunt Susan! Whether it's a Christmas, birthday or Hanukkah gift, we can help make the shopping process easy on you. You don't need a car or a stamp, just browse the website, place your order and that's it! If you have a question about one of our products, we're here to help - you can call us, email or livehelp! and we can assist you with your order.

Why do laptop skins make such great gifts? Start with the colorful, vibrant images we offer, digitally printed for clarity - they make anyone's laptop distinctive and personalized. With our selection of images, we are sure to have a design to please. A laptop skin also protects the laptop, too. No more scratches and dings when you have a skin installed - the laminated surface adds a layer of protection to guard against scrapes and bumps.
The best part about adding a laptop skin is how easy they are to install. The modern adhesives make it easy to get a perfect fit, and if you want to change skins, they peel off easily, leaving almost no residue behind.

The best reason to give a laptop skin as a gift is that they're easy on your wallet. Most skins start at only $12.48, and our flat rate shipping saves you money, too. You can add multiple items to one order, and pay the same low shipping cost.

We have an astounding variety of images - choose from images of animals, landscapes, abstracts, fantasy art, gaming images and more! Every laptop skin helps to make the laptop stand out from the crowd. Their protective qualities are why so many schools put skins on laptops and tablets - it helps them stand up to the rigors of student life.

High resolution digitally printed images, protective laminate, easy install adhesive, low prices and flat rate shipping equals a great gift and an easier holiday for you. Why pay retail? Shop with for the low prices and great service.

So get shopping - pick a laptop skin for your Husband, an Xbox 360 skin for Son, Daughter needs a skin for her iPhone 3, Cousin Jane needs a Kindle 2 skin, and don't forget to treat yourself to an iPad skin! Laptop Skin

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Kindle Fire and $79 Kindle will need Kindle skins!

Amazon announced brand new models today - the Kindle Fire, and the $79 Kindle. The new low price means everyone can now afford a Kindle, there is no reason not to have your own Kindle for school or work. Even if you just read for pleasure, it is so easy to carry around hundreds of books, newspapers and magazines with the lightweight Kindle, why wouldn't you want one?

Kindle's E-Ink display is as easy to read as a book or newspaper, the crisp clarity is even perfectly visible in the brightest sunlight! The hardest decision is which model to have, and how many books to add to your Kindle through Amazon. Your local library probably provides Overdrive service as well, so you can check books out with your library card and deliver them to your Kindle! The new Kindle Fire is a great alternative to a high-priced tablet - with so many Android apps available, and the Kindle store too, it is sure to be a hit!

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple are always developing and releasing new products; every time they add a new model, the demand for lightly used examples of the previous version goes up. The easiest way to keep your iPad, Nook or Kindle in salable condition is to add a stylish skin to ward off scratches and dings.

Modern technology means our skins are as easy to remove as they are to apply, so you can change designs to suit your mood or the season, and when you wish to trade up to the latest model, make your Kindle or Nook look pristine and brand new again by removing the skin.

With the holidays coming up, Kindles make the perfect gift - and you can make your gift even more special by ordering a skin for the new Kindles as well. A customized gift for under $100? Yes, with the new $79 Kindle and a Kindle skin! Browse through our current great selections, and rest assured the newest model Kindles and Kindle Fire skins will be available as soon as possible.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Match your iPad to our colorful world - buy an iPad skin today!

We stopped watching black and white movies and TV a long time ago, so why have a blah looking granite, charcoal, white or black case, when you could add some personal style to your favorite portable device?

Manufacturers like Apple, Amazon and Samsung are great at designing their tablets and e-readers to function well, but they need a little help making their devices look good! Boring monochrome is out, and stylish color is in!

A Kindle skin or Nook skin does more than add decoration to your e-reader, it helps protect the case against scratches and dings, too. Your iPad or Galaxy Tab deserves to look good, too; and our skins install and remove so easily that you can change skins as often as you wish to keep your look fresh.

We feature a variety of designs, too. Choose from photo realism, landscapes, abstracts and more! Our iPad skins also have wallpaper available, so your home screen can match your skin for a seamless effect.

When you have an iPad or Android tablet, you take it everywhere with you, it is an essential device you use all day long. Taking it in and out of briefcases, backpacks, bags and satchels can damage the back and bezel very quickly if you aren't super careful. When you add a decorative skin, you don't have to worry about scratches. Even if you use an easel-type case or keyboard stand, a skin will continue to protect against bumps and dings.

Any portable device can benefit from the style and protection a skin adds - and if you want to upgrade to the latest model, resale will be a lot easier with an unblemished, as-new appearance.

Our skins make perfect gifts, too. When you give a friend a Kindle skin, or your significant other an iPad skin, they know you care enough to help keep their device looking good. Mom would love a decorative Nook skin, and Dad's Blackberry Playbook skin will add some color to his workday! Your Galaxy Tab skin should reflect your sense of style, and your best friend needs an Asus Transformer skin to keep her classwork from being mundane.

Have a question? We are available by email, phone or livehelp! We always strive to please our customers, and our quality standards for all of our products ensure that our colorful skins arrive in perfect condition.

Shop our website today to add some color to your favorite device! iPad skins

Friday, September 23, 2011

Reading a good book on your Kindle or Nook? You need a skin, too!

Autumn is here, the air is cooling, and it gets dark earlier and earlier every day. When the nights draw in, you naturally turn to great indoor activities, such as reading a new book by your favorite author.

Many people have now discovered how easy it is to buy books, newspapers and magazines on an e-reader such as a Kindle, Nook or iPad. Many textbooks are now available for these devices, too; some schools are now issuing Kindles or iPads to students.

Why should you install a Kindle skin? Do you need a Nook skin? What use is an iPad skin? What if you already have a case? The answer to all these questions is easy - you still need a skin, because it protects against scratches. You may not want to always use your case, and in removing or replacing your e-reader, you could cause scratches on the outside of your Kindle! Even iPads benefit from a skin, especially because it protects around the edge of the screen (the bezel). Why get fingermarks and skin oils all over your favorite reading device? Why let your Kindle or Nook get all scratched up? Maybe you will want to trade up to a newer model, your old model will still have value, UNLESS it is all scratched and dinged up.

We have skins available for all the latest models too. Whatever model iPad, Kindle or Nook you have, we can provide a great looking skin for it.

Modern technology has made these skins so easy to install and remove, you can change designs frequently if you want to, or simply rest assured that when you are ready to trade up, you can easily remove your iPad skin, and it will look brand new!

Shop our store today and see all the great designs available for your e-reader. We add new styles all the time, so you can have a fresh look anytime! Combine multiple skins in one order to take advantage of our flat rate shipping.

Buy a great looking e-reader skin today Nook, Kindle, iPad Skins

Monday, August 1, 2011

iPad skins for Back to School!

A new school year calls for new supplies, new textbooks, clothes, and a new iPad skin. Your iPad is so useful at school, college or university, and it deserves protection! A skin helps protect it against bumps and scrapes to keep your iPad looking great. The skin decorates and adds style and individuality, too. Your iPad won't be mistaken for anyone else's with a unique skin on it. Our skins also work with any style of case or sleeve, too. Add our wallpaper to match the skin, and you have a great looking iPad, ready for a new year!

Our skins are made from the latest high tech materials, with a patented adhesive that makes it both easy to install and easy to remove. Installation is super fast and easy with the repositionable adhesive, you can line up the skin perfectly. And you can change designs as often as you want, the skins remove so easily and leave almost no residue behind.
Browse all our great designs for the original iPad or the iPad 2, and don't forget we have skins for laptops and netbooks, too.

Keep your iPad looking fresh for the new school year with a great looking iPad skin !

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Win a free iPad skin, Kindle 2 skin or laptop skin! is having a contest, and you can win! All summer long we are going to be giving away skins every week.

Its easy to win, and you don't have to pay anything. That's right - no cost to you, zero, nada, zilch, nothing.

All you have to do is start following us on Twitter or Facebook, or better yet - both. Go to our website, and click on the Facebook and Twitter buttons at the bottom of the page.

We will be posting a coupon code at different times of the day. The coupon code will only be available on Facebook and Twitter; and each time the coupon code will be different. Once you see the coupon code, email us: . The first person to email us the coupon code is the winner - they will get the skin of their choice, absolutely FREE. Follow us on Twitter and friend us on Facebook - you could be a winner!

The coupon code entitles you to one skin of your choice, and is available on every skin we make! We make laptop skins, Xbox 360 skins, Kindle skins, iPad skins, Blackberry Torch skins, iPhone skins. We sell PS3 skins, Nintendo DS skins, Dell Mini 9 skins, Asus EEE and HP netbook skins, and Nook skins. We offer skins for laptops of all kinds, you input the size you need and we will make one just for you! Need a skin for the Kindle 2? No problem! Need a skin for the LG Dare phone? We have them!

Browse our website to see all the skins we offer, and all the fantastic designs available! Win a free skin - it can be for a device you own, or to give as a gift.

TIP: set up a customer account on our website in advance, it will speed up the order process when you have the code, and you could WIN!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring is here! Freshen up your iPad!

It's that time of year, when we clean our houses and apartments, garages and storage units, cars and closets. We scrub, wash, paint and mow. We wash, wax and vacuum.

Don't forget to include your electronics in the spring cleaning process. Update your anti-virus software, get a new ringtone, and most importantly, upgrade the appearance of your electronics with a brand-new vinyl skin. If you already have a skin installed on your laptop, Kindle or iPhone, upgrade to a brand new visual!

If you don't have a skin on your favorite electronics, browse our selection - you will be amazed at the beautiful designs available, and the devices that can have a skin installed! We make skins for Kindle 2 and Kindle 3, Nook, iPad and iPad2, iPhones 2, 3, 4; all iPods, and DS Lites. We make skins for Xbox 360, Xbox 360 Slim, PS3, PS3 Slim, and Wii. We make skins for Guitar Hero guitars, Blackberry Curve and Torch, and iTouch. We make skins for every laptop on the planet - just give us the measurements of your case, and we can make a laptop skin just for you! We have laptop skins for Dell Mini 9 and 10, HP MIni, and Macbooks! Chances are, we have a great looking skin available for a device you already own.

Order before May 1, 2011, and you will receive 15% off of your order. That's right, 15% off your total order, as long as you order before May 1st and use the coupon code. Order one item or 5, get 15% off your order. Use the coupon code SPRING when you order online and you will get a 15% discount. Our flat rate shipping applies to any quantity of items, too.

Our premium quality vinyl skins add protection and style with one easy step. Protect your precious electronics from scratches and dings. Dress up an older model, or protect your brand new iPad. We digitally print, laminate for extra protection, then computer cut for a perfect fit! Our customer service is legendary, too. We answer customer questions by phone, live help! or email.

Order a great skin for spring today, add style to your everyday life! Order for SPRING

Sunday, April 10, 2011

iPad skins make great Mother's Day gifts!

Everyone loves their mother, and Mom loves her iPad. Whether Mom has an original iPad, or the new iPad 2, she deserves a beautiful, decorative vinyl skin for her favorite new device. Your mother loves to have stylish touches around her. She probably has a phone skin or case, her purse looks good, so help add more beauty to her life - give her an iPad skin for Mother's Day.

A vinyl iPad skin adds a protective layer to the outside of the iPad, and our high quality digitally printed images add a wonderful decorative element as well. Browse our selection - we offer photo quality tropical scenes, abstract designs, images from classic artists, even floral designs! Our skins are designed to fit the iPad or the brand new iPad 2, you choose the model Mom has when you order the skin.

We manufacture skins for many electronics devices - including: iPad skins, iPad 2 skins, laptop skins, Blackberry Curve and Torch skins, iPhone skins, iPod skins, Nintendo DS Lite skins, Xbox 360 skins, Xbox Slim skins, PS 3 skins, PS Slim skins, and may, many others! With our flat rate shipping, you can order a skin as a gift for Mom, and add one for you, too. For example, you can order yourself a laptop skin and an iPad skin for Mom and pay the same flat rate shipping fee.

A skin helps to protect the quality of this legendary Apple product - let scratches happen to the skin, not the iPad case! We are sure to have an image that will please every Mom. iPad skins are easy to install, too. All of our skins are printed on the best vinyl available, which means it has repositionable adhesive to help make the installation process easier.

Why should you buy from us? Because we still believe in personal service - our customer serivce is available by phone, live help, or email. We can help you find the perfect skin, or answer questions. Our many happy customers refer us to their friends!

Our process starts with printing a high-quality image, digitally printed with depth and vibrant colors. Then we laminate, to add toughness and protection. We computer cut for a perfect fit, then ship it directly to your door.

We believe our customers deserve the best shipping for the best price, so we always use the U.S. Post Office. Most U.S. customers will receive their product 5 - 7 days after ordering. And our flat rate shipping helps keep your Mother's Day gift costs down. We are watching our pennies and we know our customers are too. Why pay retail? Buy from us, and pay wholesale prices instead! Our product quality and customer service remain at a high level, so you can buy with confidence.

Order your Mom an iPad skin today and she, and her iPad, will thank you!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love is in the air - coupon code is love for free shipping

Love is all around, and we are sharing the love this Valentine's Day! All orders through February 13th will receive free shipping when you use the coupon code. Give your loved one a great Valentine's Day gift - a fantastic looking iPhone or iPad skin to protect their favorite devices, and you enjoy our gift to you - free shipping.

To receive free shipping, simply input the coupon code love at checkout. This free shipping offer applies no matter how many skins or what kinds of skins you order. You can order a great looking laptop skin for your boyfriend or girlfriend, an iPad skin for yourself, and give Mom an iPod skin - and you will pay no shipping charges.

Skins are one of the easiest ways to protect, decorate and personalize all your favorite electronics. A laptop skin or iPad skin adds a scratch-proof layer to the outside case, helps repel moisture and even adds UV protection. Plus, they look great, too! Browse our website today to pick your favorite design. We make skins for laptops, iPods, iPads, iPhones, Blackberry Curve and Torch, Xbox 360 and many other game system consoles, in fact, the list is too long to include here - visit our website today to see all of the devices we make skins for!

We start with a great design digitally printed on the most up to date vinyl. We then laminate to protect the design, computer cut for a perfect fit, and ship right to your door. All of our products are made in the USA, and we are known for our great customer service. If you have any questions or concerns before or after you buy, pick up the phone, live help! or email us with your questions.

We have helpful videos to guide you through the installation process, and we love to have our happy customers friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Sign up for the newsletter and we will send you advance notice of our sales and discounts - we even have "member only" offers from time to time!

Don't forget that all of our skins are printed on the most up to date vinyl products available - this means the adhesive is easy to apply and remove. Many of our customers change their designs frequently to give their laptop or phone a new look quickly!

So, browse our website to find a design perfect for your Valentine, use the coupon code love at checkout, and the shipping cost is on us!

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us here at - the coupon code is love

Saturday, January 8, 2011

January sale - Free shipping this weekend! is offering free shipping on all orders this weekend. Until January 10th, whatever you order, no matter how many items are in your order, there will be no charge for shipping. $0. None. Nothing. Nada.

Order 10 laptop skins - no charge for shipping. A laptop skin, an Xbox 360 skin, a Kindle 3 skin - still no charge for shipping. An iPhone skin, a Wii skin, a PS3 Slim skin - free shipping. An Xbox 360 Slim skin, an iPad skin, 2 DS Lite skins, and a Dell Mini 9 netbook skin - still no charge to ship direct to your door.

Saturday, January 8th and Sunday, January 9th, 2011, every order on, no matter how small or large, there will be no charge for shipping.
All you have to do is use coupon code: free at checkout. Don't forget to use the coupon code, or you will be charged shipping and handling.

As always, our quality products are made in the USA. We start with a great image which is laminated for added protection, computer cut for a perfect fit and sent right to your door.
Order today, browse our great selection, use the coupon code, and pay nothing for shipping!